Plan Muskoka provides planning consulting for all ranges of applications made under the Ontario Planning Act for all forms of urban and waterfront development for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial land uses. We can assist you with Planning Approvals, Site Analysis, Conceptual Site DesignAggregate Resources Act Site PlansLandscape Design and Solar Energy Project Planning, among other services.

Planning Approvals

Guidance and direction can be provided for:


  • Zoning Amendments
  • Official Plan Amendments
  • Minor Variances
  • Consents/Land Severances
  • Development Permits
  • Site Plan Approvals
  • Road Allowance Closures
  • Plans of Subdivision
  • Condominium Descriptions
  • Appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board

Site Analysis

Site analysis at the outset of the development of a property can provide you with valuable insight into the full potential and existing planning constraints of your property or future property. Plan Muskoka can provide you with a quick analysis of the existing zoning and provide you with a description of the minimum and maximum development provisions that will help guide your design and avoid unnecessary Planning Approvals when obtaining Building Permits.

This service has proven to be valuable to contractors and designers beginning the design process for clients, and for real estate agents to help potential purchasers understand the development potential of the property for sale.

Conceptual Site Design

Plan Muskoka can provide you with a conceptual site design for your development project which will offer you an affordable initial look into your property’s potential. Plan Muskoka will compile existing survey and topographical information for your property and prepare a professional conceptual development plan based on the topographical, environmental and zoning constraints of your property. We can assist you with site plans for a single home all the way to a large scale, multi-use Master Plan.

Aggregate Resources Act Site Plans

Being qualified to prepare Class A Site Plans by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Plan Muskoka has prepared several Class A Site Plans for Pits and Quarries in Ontario. Services in this area can range from minor amendments to existing site plans to the preparation of new site plans for proposed aggregate licenses.

Landscape Design

Plan Muskoka can assist you with the creation of a Landscape Plan for your home or land development project, often a requirement of Site Plan Approvals. Our knowledge and experience with the planning process means that we know what the approval authority is expecting and we can prepare a landscape plan to suit their needs.

Solar Energy Project Planning

Plan Muskoka has been involved in several solar energy projects across Ontario, specifically during the application process to the IESO’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program, being the FIT 2, FIT 3, FIT 4 and most currently, the FIT 5 program. Plan Muskoka has provided its clients with advice on the eligibility of their project from a land use perspective and prepared the Zoning Certificate and Visual Screening forms to accompany the IESO application, along with assisting with obtaining Municipal support as needed.